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The Jewels of Happiness is a website about inner happiness. This happiness does not depend on outer circumstances – places, people, money or success – but wells up spontaneously from within. Outer happiness eventually fades away, but inner happiness is lasting and fulfilling!


ckgOur site draws its inspiration from Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual teacher who was also a poet, author, artist, musician and athlete. Sri Chinmoy’s timeless wisdom and boundless creative output have inspired millions.

In 1970, he began holding twice-weekly talks and silent reflections at the United Nations for the staff and delegates, which was warmly welcomed by U Thant, the Secretary-General at the time – “I personally feel that you have been doing a most significant task for the United Nations“. Over the years, Sri Chinmoy would offer many simple, beautiful and heartfelt ways to bring people together, such as the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, a torch relay that has spanned over 155 countries and is currently the world’s largest peace torch relay.

You can read more about Sri Chinmoy on his official website.

More books by Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy was a prolific author and poet. You can find more details on ordering his books on the following websites: