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Broaden your horizons.

A choice selection of inspirational and practical books.

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Lift your spirits.

Immerse yourself in joyful and peaceful music.

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Brighten your space.

Items to create an atmosphere of happiness.

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What makes you happy?

In our newest section, we interview people from all walks of life to find out what brings them satisfaction.

Happiness to me is feeling a sense of real love for the world and those who share life here.

Paramartha Gallienne Auckland, New Zealand

Outdoor enthusiast

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Words of wisdom

Timeless advice from the great inspirational figures of past and present, plus quotes on your favourite happiness qualities.


Gems from the Gospel of Thomas

In 1945 a series of 52 apocryphal scriptures about Jesus’ teachings was found in Egypt. The most complete of these was the Gospel of Thomas, a collection of 114 aphorisms or saying by Jesus regarded by Bible scientists as authentic. Here are some inspiring excerpts.

Quotes by great luminaries:

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Random Quote:

There is only one wisdom:
 Sri Chinmoy, author of The Jewels of Happiness

A range of free resources to help you on your happiness journey...

Free music downloads.

Quiet tracks for relaxation, or upbeat tracks for motivation.

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Visualisation exercises.

Take time out for yourself with these peaceful audio recordings.

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Inspiring wallpapers.

Print and frame on your wall, or put on your screen.

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Happiness Research

More and more, researchers are turning their attention to what creates human well-being.

Secrets of Happiness

Our contributors from all over the world share practical secrets (ancient and modern!) to brighten your day.


Three easy ways to open up your heart

The spiritual heart is not a muscle or a physical organ, but a chakra, a centre of consciousness inside our body. When we learn how to concentrate and meditate on our heart-centre, we will soon develop a real sense of happiness, fulfilment and joy.