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Broaden your horizons.

A choice selection of inspirational and practical books.

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Lift your spirits.

Immerse yourself in joyful and peaceful music.

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Brighten your space.

Items to create an atmosphere of happiness.

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What makes you happy?

In our newest section, we interview people from all walks of life to find out what brings them satisfaction.

Happiness to me is feeling a sense of real love for the world and those who share life here.

Paramartha Gallienne Auckland, New Zealand

Outdoor enthusiast

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Words of wisdom

Timeless advice from the great inspirational figures of past and present, plus quotes on your favourite happiness qualities.


Gems from the Gospel of Thomas

In 1945 a series of 52 apocryphal scriptures about Jesus’ teachings was found in Egypt. The most complete of these was the Gospel of Thomas, a collection of 114 aphorisms or saying by Jesus regarded by Bible scientists as authentic. Here are some inspiring excerpts.

Quotes by great luminaries:

Quotes by quality:

Random Quote:

If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.  Nelson Mandela

A range of free resources to help you on your happiness journey...

Free music downloads.

Quiet tracks for relaxation, or upbeat tracks for motivation.

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Visualisation exercises.

Take time out for yourself with these peaceful audio recordings.

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Inspiring wallpapers.

Print and frame on your wall, or put on your screen.

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Happiness Research

More and more, researchers are turning their attention to what creates human well-being.

Secrets of Happiness

Our contributors from all over the world share practical secrets (ancient and modern!) to brighten your day.

Hotel shrine projjwal

Seven practical meditation-secrets

Although meditation is an inner process that mainly takes place in the silence of our mind and heart, there are a number of practical steps we can take to make our meditation fruitful. We call them the ABC of meditation. Here are seven useful tips.